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Turkish Oiled Wrestling

This tournament is on 1st - 2nd july this year. This ancient sport started in Turkey in 1361. Competitors are covered in olive oil and wear only leather shorts. And this competition is open to men only.


Throughout the tournament a group of muscians play traditional wrestling music. This unique tournament takes place every year in Kirkpinar, Turkey.

Iber Hotel

A Super luxury hotel in Turkbuku bay that has over 490 deluxe rooms and 45 luxury villas. These luxury villas have five bedrooms and their own swimming pool.








The hotel also provides excellent conference facilities with the capacity for 480 delegates. It is situated by the sea with its own beach. To find out more information visit:


Turkish Baths


Istanbul's Turkish Baths(Hamam) are very special buildings dating back to the Ottoman time.

In a Turkish Bath, the main room consists of a raised marble platform which graces the centre of the Hamam and is known as Gobektasi (Belly stone). the heath on the surface of the Gobektasi might wary from warm to very hot depending on customer's desire.

These lovely old buildings are always worth to visit.

Suleyman Akbulut



Cypriot Donkey

This is a special breed of donkey. This native of Cyprus is very stubborn but loyal. Many books and poems have been written in praise of this donkey.

Over the centuries it has been abused by its owners, being forced to carry more weight then it can bare. Over the years there has always been a debate between the two communities who owns the donkey and who has abused it more.

Poor old Cypriot Donkey, some politicians have blamed you for causing the division of the Island. I wish you could speak and tell the truth of the matter, who are the real stubborn ones who abused you.

In the decades, since the division you have enjoyed carrots on the Turkish side and suffered sticks on the Greek side, now the time has come for you to decide weather to take the carrot or the stick. Or will the age old stick and carrot routine work best - United Island.

Book review

The Turks Today

Author: Andrew Mango

This is a very informative book about the modern Turkish politics and economy.

This book comes highly recommended by the Turkish Herald.

You can buy this book at:


Properties of the month

Property - 1

Detached Villa, Bodrum

3 Bedroom



Property - 2

Semi detached Villa, Bodrum

2 Bedroom



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